'Greenglish' is a project under the theme name 'The Distortion of Language' and plays with the idea of a double language, in this case; Greek and English. By merging both Latin letter forms and Greek symbols together, a phonetic 'Greek' resembling alphabet was formed. This turned into a working font with upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. The final outcome is a publication containing the font in a compact disc, a book showcasing the font, various print surfaces displaying how it can be displayed, and a set of posters. Contents: CD with installable font, hand-bound book on the development of the typface and a set of 3 posters.

Alphapatterns is a collection of typographic patterns made through using the typeface 'Eurostile'. These patterns can be viewed through using either of the glasses provided in the publication collection; 3D or red filter. The collection comes as a full set of letters from A through to Z. By using the 3D glasses you are able to view the patterns in a new way compared to what the naked eye sees. Some saw them raised from the surface, and others said they 'moved'. The red filter removed all the red within the images and gives the patterns a totally different aesthetic.